The Eastern Transportation Coalition scholarships

The Eastern Transportation Coalition is providing funding for a limited number of FULL SCHOLARSHIPS* for Coalition agency members to attend the Freight Academy Program, and there may be additional scholarships available for persons/agencies external to the Coalition. Nominees selected are from a variety of Coalition and non-Coalition agencies and states, and represent a variety of freight-related roles and responsibilities.

*Scholarships will cover tuition and room/board (including lodging, meals, and site visit transportation).

Coalition scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Application Quality
  2. Duties related to enhancing freight (i.e., planning, operations, policy, etc.)
  3. Active involvement in Coalition activities
  4. Contributes to creating multi-disciplinary academy
  5. Equitable distribution across Coalition members

If you have any questions about the Coalition Scholarship program, please contact Marygrace Parker at 518-852-4083,

The nomination is submitted by a Coalition member agency or affiliate.

Note: Travel to and from the Academy for scholarships is paid for by the participant’s agency, or by the participant.