Nomination Form

Freight Academy Nomination Form

  • Due: February 24, 2023

  • Supervisor Information:

  • General Information

  • (Your description may be as long as necessary.
  • (Your description may be as long as necessary.
  • (Your description may be as long as necessary.
  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Nominating Organization Information

    Must be a Federal, state or local transportation agency.

  • Program Dates and Fees

    Please note the dates and fees.

    Program Dates:

    June 11 – June 16, 2023 The program will be in-person.

    Pre-Event Virtual Sessions:
    There will be two 90 minute pre-event virtual program sessions. The dates of the virtual sessions will be announced soon.
    See the Draft Agenda for details (main menu under Program, Agenda).

    Program Fees (required): $4,950 This fee includes food, lodging and program field trip transportation (for Federal agency attendee rates contact Freight Academy Program Manager Marygrace Parker

    I understand that is this a six-day immersion program, which requires attendance at all events and lodging at onsite facility.
  • Payment Options

  • *Eastern Transportation Coalition Scholarship Selection Criteria:

    1. Application Quality
    2. Potential to enhance freight planning and/or freight related operations and mobility
    3. On staff at Coalition member, affiliate or associate agency
    4. Active involvement in Coalition activities
    5. Contribution to multi-disciplinary and multi-agency collaboration
    6. Equitable distribution across Coalition members

    All program fees will be due on April 5, 2023, 5 weeks after notification of acceptance into the program.

    If your agency is paying for your participation, we will reach out to you for payment details.