2017 Capstone Projects

Each member of the Freight Academy 2017 was assigned to a capstone project group, and each group was tasked to come up with a plan to address a specific set of needs based on a fictional scenario, and present that plan in both a report and presentation format. The assignments required integration of the material gathered throughout the week in both classroom sessions and field visits. The groups met periodically during the week to begin addressing the assignment, and then continued to work together to finalize their projects after the program ended. Via webcast, each group presented their final plan to a mock Executive Board comprised of subject-expert executive-level mentors from the I-95 Corridor Coalition. The mentor panels provided invaluable insight and feedback furthering the participants’ educational experience.

A copy of each of the groups’ assignments, reports, and final presentations are posted below. These project reports are purely hypothetical, and should not be used out of that context.

Group 1: Tackling Unplanned Freight Disruptions in the State of Disruption

Group 2: Preparing for the Future of Freight: An action plan for adopting emerging freight/logistics technology in the state of New Florisey

Group 3: Port of Academia in Cargo City, USA

Group 4: Truck Parking

Group 5: Governor’s Economic Development Initiative for TriPort